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I have called on Congress to investigate accusations of sexual misconduct by President Trump.
Equal pay is an idea whose time has come — in fact, it is long overdue. But we have the
The impact of a Zika infection on a baby could require care that costs a family and our health-care system
Every parent wants to give their child the chance to succeed. But amidst flat wages and rising costs, millions of
Despite the constant attacks by Leader Paul Ryan and the Republicans in Congress, we have safety net programs in place
Emergencies like the tragedy we are seeing in Flint are a stark reminder of what is at stake when it
We need to take this current outbreak as a wake-up call. Diseases will come, and we have to be prepared,
Is sugar the new tobacco? New Haven Register By Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro Fifty years ago this year, the Surgeon General
Why do equally qualified women make, on average, just 77 cents for every dollar a man makes? Why, 50 years