• ●  Right now, we are in a pandemic that is a health and economic crisis that requires the boldest possible efforts to create jobs, help working families, have affordable health care and address the deep racial disparities.
  • ●  Rosa, bold action, big results. Streicker is not a successful businesswoman but a slumlord, one of the 10 worst landlords fined $1.2 million by the New York Attorney General who works for herself.
  • ●  People face impossible health care and drug costs and my healthcare plan allows anybody losing their employer health insurance to enroll in an improved Medicare. No deductibles. It achieves universal coverage, while allowing people to keep their private insurance and can happen. Streicker is voting for Donald Trump whose Supreme Court will destroy the Affordable Care Act and Roe v Wade.
  • ●  My greatly increased child tax credit in the current (and Biden’s relief packages give a big infusion of money to working families and the vulnerable. Streicker backs Trump’s corporate tax cut that gave 83 percent of the money to the top 1 percent and Trump’s secret tax windfall for the Trump family and big real estate developers. They raised taxes for Connecticut homeowners. I always battle for middle-class tax cuts. Streicker battles for the richest.
  • ●  I am the leader in the Congress on helping working families with paid sick days and family and medical leave, regular schedules at work, universal child care, and women being ensured equal pay with men. These can be the first laws passed by President Biden.
  • ●  I’ve made our defense jobs secure by battling successfully keeping all Marine One helicopters and Aerial refueling tankers built in the state and made sure the jobs were not outsourced out of the USA.
  • ●  In this economic crisis, we need bold infrastructure investment, and I am the original sponsor of the private-public infrastructure bill to create jobs. Biden’s plan for the green revolution invests immediately to create green jobs.
  • ●  Streicker says to open the economy, just like President Trump, who has lost control of the pandemic. I am desperate to open the economy and schools, but I trust the approach of Governor Lamont who Streicker has criticized.
  • ●  Climate change is an existential crisis and that is why I am an original co-sponsor of the Green New Deal as a framework. I embrace Biden’s bold plan to invest in new technology, to drive down the cost of renewable energy and create millions of green jobs.

● Stan and I inherited nothing but education and our values, unlike my opponent who inherited millions. Learned everything from my family and Wooster Square. Stan started his business in our basement in New Haven. Elected Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, the Prime Minister of Israel and created a successful business before I was in the Congress and 15 years before a close family friend stayed in our house. No lobby firm, no government contracts, no WH official in a free apartment, no exchange of money. All those lies sourced in NY Post, the same paper the FBI said Russians using for today’s misinformation campaign.


Margaret Streicker is a New York Slumlord with a record of endangering tenants and the elderly. 


Voters on the go across the district need to see Margaret Streicker’s record as a New York slumlord who was fined over a million dollars by the NY Attorney General. Rated one of the 10 worst landlords in New York, Streicker harassed tenants and illegally tried to demolish units. 

They should learn that: 

  • Margaret Streicker is a Republican, not an Independent as all ads say.
  • Streicker got rich off of abusing housing regulations and leaving people living in dangerous conditions.
  • The New York Attorney General investigated Streicker’s company for engaging in abusive harassment, ultimately fining her $1.2 million.
  • Streicker pushed families out of rent-controlled properties and left others in horrible living situations –rodent infestations, no power, no heat. 
  • Streicker was branded as one of New York City’s 10 Worst Landlords.

Additional information:

One resident had to be relocated because he could no longer refrigerate his insulin; he died before he could finally return home.

    • Streicker made the living environment of one of her properties unlivable for an elderly tenant who later died. 
    • In April 2006 it was reported that Streicker went forward with construction on a property she purchased. Almost all of the tenants had left the building, but one tenant, Edwin Merrill, remained and refused to leave the small one-room apartment that he had lived in for many years. During the construction “pipes were removed, bathrooms damaged, sprinklers disabled and roof exits blocked, making Merrill’s life difficult.” Merrill ended up in the hospital and on his return found most utilities turned off or removed from the apartment. Merrill–a diabetic–didn’t have electricity to refrigerate his insulin. 
    • While Streicker agreed to let him move into a temporary location, unfortunately Merrill died while still living in that temporary room. 
    • It was suggested by Merrill’s lawyer, Molly Doherty, that the stress caused by Streicker’s renovations and the forced move contributed to Merrill’s death.
    • In January 2015, Streicker’s company was barred from evicting anymore tenants from a property and an investigation took place into whether it had engaged in fraud and abusive harassment tactics to remove the tenants from properties.


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