• New Haven foundation receives $5.3 million for maternal, infant health

    04.02.19: - “We all know there is room to grow. The depth of our conviction must match and exceed the size of the challenge before us.”

  • DeLauro takes on DeVos failed charter schools, education budget cuts

    03.27.19: - Rep. Rosa DeLauro used her new clout as an Appropriations subcommittee chairman to tussle with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Tuesday over a report by an education advocacy group accusing her agency of not providing effective oversight of federal charter school funding.

  • DeLauros Call: Dont Shoot. Research

    03.22.19: - We should not be afraid of research. I stand here because of biomedical research.

  • DeLauro Wades Into Healthcare Debate

    03.21.19: - The universal healthcare bill would expand Medicare coverage to all Americans regardless of age or income.

  • DeLauro uses new post to probe Trumps impact on Obamacare

    03.09.19: - DeLauro held a hearing in the subcommittee on Wednesday on the “Impact of the Administration’s Policies Affecting the Affordable Care Act.”