• After Visit, DeLauro Is Optimistic About Recovery Efforts In Puerto Rico

    02.05.18: - Rep. DeLauro recently returned from a trip to Puerto Rico where she surveyed Hurricane Maria recovery efforts.

  • Millions of patients will be impacted if large cuts applied to health center funding

    02.05.18: - There was an air of desperation in the room as community health care center leaders spoke of their struggles now that 70 percent of their federal funds remain in limbo.

  • Failure to fund community health centers plays politics with people’s lives

    02.05.18: - In all the chaos surrounding the Republican government shutdown last week, one critical issue deserved more attention: the fact that the Republican majority in Congress failed to include the main source of funding for Community Health Centers in their recent spending bill.

  • Censorship by the Trump Administration?

    12.19.17: - The Trump Administration does not want to hear the words “entitlement,” “diversity,” “transgender,” “fetus,” “evidence-based,” “science-based” or even “vulnerable.”

  • WATCH: Congress Should Investigate Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Trump

    12.19.17: - I have called on Congress to investigate accusations of sexual misconduct by President Trump.