• Rosa DeLauro navigates freshman barbeque

    10.20.14: - DeLauro came to Yale Sunday afternoon to speak to the Yale College Democrats before they set out for a few hours of canvassing dorm rooms. Seeing the crowd assembled in Old Campus for the annual Freshman Barbeque, DeLauro, decided to go meet some of her newest constituents.

  • Rosa DeLauro fighting ‘toxic’ atmosphere in Washington

    10.15.14: - DeLauro said the No. 1 issue remains the economy and there are a number of things she has advocated to move that along, including an infrastructure bank that would partner public and private resources for transportation and infrastructure – creating jobs that can’t be outsourced.

  • Ebola: A Preventable Catastrophe

    10.15.14: - We need to take this current outbreak as a wake-up call. Diseases will come, and we have to be prepared, by investing in the public health infrastructure that keeps America safe.

  • DeLauro, EPA emphasize Sound’s environmental, economic importance

    10.15.14: - “It’s not about just boating, not about recreation, it is an economic engine.”

  • Ebola vaccine being developed in state

    10.07.14: - DeLauro, said “There is no Ebola here,” she said. “Let’s be clear — none.” Still, the outbreak in West Africa, and the cases popping up elsewhere on the globe, are a “wake-up call” about medical research funding.