• A flawed attempt to cure our country’s ills

    07.17.15: - Last week, the House of Representatives voted on the Twenty-First Century Cures bill, legislation aimed at promoting biomedical innovation at the National Institutes of Health and in the private sector. That is a laudable goal, and one I share. However, I voted against the bill.

  • Keeping Up With the Times and the Democratic Party

    07.02.15: - Keeping Up With the Times and the Democratic Party By Rosa DeLauro Here’s the real message behind the congressional votes on fast-track authority and trade-adjustment assistance: Democrats will no longer support major trade agreements that cost American jobs and create further downward pressure on wages, especially as inequality continues to accelerate. President Obama won the final vote but [...]

  • Bill Would Protect Pregnant Workers; DeLauro Wants WIC expanded

    06.10.15: - The WIC Act of 2015 would “close that gap and ensure children have a strong health and nutrition foundation,” DeLauro said. “No child should be placed at a nutritional disadvantage simply because of when their birthdate falls.”

  • Connecticut liberal battles Obama on trade

    06.01.15: - In the House, the Connecticut liberal has become the de facto leader of Democratic opposition, running a behind-the-scenes whip operation against new fast-track trade powers for the president.

  • Who is writing the TPP?

    05.12.15: - Powerful corporate interests have spent a lot of time and money trying to bend Washington’s rules to benefit themselves, and now they want Congress to grease the skids for a TPP deal that corporations have helped write but the public can’t see — and for six years of future agreements that haven’t even been written. Congress should refuse to vote for any expedited procedures to approve the TPP before the trade agreement is made public. And Congress certainly shouldn’t vote for expedited procedures to enact trade deals that don’t yet even exist.